Warp, Weft, and Way
A Group Blog of Chinese and Comparative Philosophy

The Useless Tree
Sam Crane’s blog about Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life

A Yangist’s Musings
Joshua Harwood’s blog about Analytic Takes on Chinese Philosophy and Vice-Versa

Chris Fraser’s Website

Diary of a Daoist Hermit
Bill Hulet’s blog

The Rambling Taoist
Blog of Trey Smith and Scott Bradley

Aspiring Taoist

John Emerson’s blog

Michael Saso’s Website

The Splintered Mind
Eric Schwitzgebel’s blog about reflections in philosophy of psychology, broadly construed

Journey of a Thousand Miles
Derek Lin’s blog

Biology of Religion
Exploring the Natural History of Faith

Tom Rees blog about the science of religion and non-belief


7 thoughts on “Blogroll”

  1. Looks pretty good, Scott! Nice big fonts, especially for the Chinese. I’ll change your link over at my place (which I’ve recently returned to, after a small hiatus). I look forward to reading!

  2. Really great looking blog! I think Chinese could be a touch smaller as it is almost too big…. but otherwise this blog is very nice on the eyes! And I look forward to reading too. Adding link to my blog and also in RSS reader…. yoroshiku!

  3. Because I wanted to use the KaiTi font, I had to make it bigger to be readable. But perhaps too big. I’ve made it a bit smaller now. Hopefully that’s better.

    Thank you both for the feedback 🙂

  4. Thanks for some great resources! I will have to check these out and add them to my own blogroll if they fit for me!

  5. Hi Scott. I was blogging on The Rambling Taoist which is now only in limited use. Thus, I’ve stared my own: and would like to add you to my links–with your permission. We have also dialogued on Warp, Weft and Way. Scott

  6. Hi Scott, this is Liu! I don’t know why but I was pretty sure to find some bamboos here 😉 I’m glad to hear from you after all these years and this is good to know everything is going well. I look forward to reading your blog posts soon. Link added to my favs.

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