7 thoughts on “Blogroll”

  1. Looks pretty good, Scott! Nice big fonts, especially for the Chinese. I’ll change your link over at my place (which I’ve recently returned to, after a small hiatus). I look forward to reading!

  2. Really great looking blog! I think Chinese could be a touch smaller as it is almost too big…. but otherwise this blog is very nice on the eyes! And I look forward to reading too. Adding link to my blog and also in RSS reader…. yoroshiku!

  3. Because I wanted to use the KaiTi font, I had to make it bigger to be readable. But perhaps too big. I’ve made it a bit smaller now. Hopefully that’s better.

    Thank you both for the feedback 🙂

  4. Thanks for some great resources! I will have to check these out and add them to my own blogroll if they fit for me!

  5. Hi Scott. I was blogging on The Rambling Taoist which is now only in limited use. Thus, I’ve stared my own: http://www.engagingwithzhuangzi.com and would like to add you to my links–with your permission. We have also dialogued on Warp, Weft and Way. Scott

  6. Hi Scott, this is Liu! I don’t know why but I was pretty sure to find some bamboos here 😉 I’m glad to hear from you after all these years and this is good to know everything is going well. I look forward to reading your blog posts soon. Link added to my favs.

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